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AdditionA figure used to determine the additional prescription strength needed for correcting near vision for those with presbyopia.
AcuvueA brand of contact lenses manufactured by Johnson & Johnson.
Air OptixA brand of contact lenses manufactured by Alcon.
AstigmatismIs a condition of the eye caused by an irregular curvature of the cornea, resulting in blurred and unfocused vision.
AxisA value that determines the direction needed to correct astigmatism on a contact lens or glasses prescription.
Base CurveThe curvature of a contact lens in millimetres used to determine the fit of the lens on the eye.
BifocalA lens that contains two prescriptions, often distance at the top and reading at the bottom.
Ciba VisionA manufacturer of contact lenses.
Coloured Contact LensA lens tinted or coloured for wear.
CorneaIs the front part of the eye, which covers the iris and the pupil it is transparent and helps protect the eye from dust, germs and other harmful matter.
Cosmetic Contact LensA lens tinted with colour or with a fashionable design such as country flags, or movie eyes.
CylinderA figure required for patients with astigmatism that shows what level of correction is needed.
Daily Disposable Contact LensIs a lens designed to be worn for one day and then disposed of.
DepositsAre debris or protein build up on the lens surface.
DiameterThe distance in millimetres from one end of a contact lens to the other. A value used in a prescription.
DioptreA unit of measurement used in optics to determine the refractive power of a lens.
Disinfectant SolutionA solution used to disinfectant contact lenses.
DominantA value required for multifocal contact lenses to determine which the dominant eye is referred to as the “D” value. The non-dominant is referred to as “N”.
Enzyme cleanerA solution used to remove protein from the lens surface, can also occur in tablet form, in which the tablet is mixed with saline or disinfecting solution as directed.
Extended WearA contact lens designed for extended wear, is one that can be worn overnight.
Fashion Contact LensA lens tinted with colour or with a fashionable design such as country flags, or movie eyes.
GlaucomaA condition which causes gradual sight loss due to pressure within the eye.
Hyperopia (long-sightedness)The loss of near vision but the ability to see into the distance clearly.
IrisThe coloured portion of the eye.
Long-sightednessSee Hyperopia.
Monthly Disposable (Monthlies)Is a lens designed to be worn daily for a month and then disposed of.
MultifocalA lens that corrects both short and long-sightedness, by using two different surface areas to correct near and distance vision.
MyopiaThe loss of distance vision but the ability to see objects up-close clearly.
OphthalmologistA medical doctor that specialises in the treatment and diagnosis of eye diseases, and who is licensed to perform eye surgery.
OpticianA medical practitioner licensed to fit and supply glasses and contact lenses.
Optometrist (OD)A medical practitioner trained to fit and supply glasses and contact lenses, as well as diagnose and treat certain eye diseases.
Oxygen permeabilityThe level of oxygen that can pass through the lens surface to the eye.
PlanoA contact lens made without a prescription usually for cosmetic use, such as a coloured contact lens.
PowerThe value used to determine the strength of visual correction needed. This is sometimes referred to as the sphere.
PresbyopiaA degenerative condition of the eye that affects the near vision, it usually occurs in those over the age of 40’s.
ProclearA contact lens brand produced by CooperVision.
RGP (Rigid Glass Permeable)A rigid lens made from a harder material than soft lenses, usually prescribed for patients with an astigmatism or irregular eye shape as they are thought to be better at correcting vision in these cases.
Rinsing SolutionA lens solution used to clean the lens before wear.
Rewetting SolutionA solution used to rewet the lens to increase comfort during wear.
SolutionA liquid solution designed to rinse, clean and store soft or gas permeable contact lenses.
Short-sightednessSee Myopia.
Silicone hydrogelIs an advanced soft lens material that allows more oxygen to reach they eye than traditional soft hydrogel lenses.
SphereThe value used to determine the strength of visual correction needed. This is sometimes referred to as the power.
ToricA contact lens used for correcting astigmatism in patients.
Two Weekly DisposableFrequent replacement lenses designed for wear daily over a two week period before they should be disposed of.
Visibility TintA light tint to the contact lens that helps the wearer with handling.