Bride’s Guide To Picking The Right Contact Lenses For Her Big Day

With the number of “She Said Yes” videos making the rounds on social media towards the end of last year we know this year will be filled with so many weddings (hopefully the pandemic allows this)

For every bride looking good on her big day is undoubtedly the number one priority and so great care is taken to choose the dress, the hair style and most importantly the MAKE UP, but what happens when our bride also can’t see and we don’t mean that she’s blind but she needs the ever dreadful GLASSES to make out who her guests are on her big day.

I mean nobody would want to wear glasses on her wedding as that would hide the gorgeous eye makeup, also important to note is that wearing glasses can affect your well taken wedding pictures due to unwanted reflection, in general it just doesn’t look nice. However, there are some brides who wear colored contact lenses just to enhance or add a little pop to their eyes for their special day and not necessarily because they have vision problems. 

Colored lenses will definitely solve this issue but in picking out lenses not only should you be concerned with the color, but comfort should be key – you definitely need to be able to not only see well but dance the whole night away without feeling like there’s something in your eye.

We will break down the process of selection into two ;

1. Picking lenses based on color:

To decide what color of lens suits you best you’ll have to consider skin tone, color of eyes, and the look you are going for.

For a subtle natural look we advise going for the Browns (dark or slightly light)- these colors would go with any skin tone

Aveo Trublend Lenses in brown
Aveo Trublend Lenses in caramel

For a loud dramatic look more attention has to be paid to the skin tone, for a dark or caramel skin tone consider using a darker grey color or darker blue – this will make your eyes look wider,

Opticom lens in Ocean Blue
Opticom lens in Sugar Grey

However for a fair complexioned bride most colors would suit her but remember not to go overboard so you can maintain that classy look, remember less is always more !

Opticom lens in Exotic Amber

Opticom lens in Amethyst

2. Picking lenses based on comfort:

For a spectacle wearer your prescription matters a whole lot- you’ll need to see an optician or optometrist to tell you the best prescription to get , that way vision won’t be compromised on your big day- this however isn’t enough you’ll need to ensure you get a lens that has the right fit ( base curve and diameter ) to avoid shifting of the lens, you also need to ensure the moisture content of the lens is low (so as to avoid drying out of the lens ) this can create a very uncomfortable feeling, the material of the lens should be one that allows sufficient oxygen into the eye. I always recommend Aveo Trublend Lenses

It’s important to note that alcohol can cause dehydration leading to dryness in the eye, I advise you get your maid of honor or chief bridesmaid to have a bottle of rewetting drops like our Dew Drops on stand by if this happens because libations are necessary to get the party going.


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Ngozi Awa
Ngozi Awa
9 months ago

Beautiful post. Well written and engaging. I’m looking forward to the next one. 😉

Ngozi Awa
Ngozi Awa
Reply to  cheriesoptics
9 months ago

😊 You flatter me. Thanks a lot.

Ahamefule Jennifer
Ahamefule Jennifer
9 months ago

Well done sis!
You really do have passion for what you do

Oghomwen Ogbewe
Oghomwen Ogbewe
9 months ago

So beautiful to read and enlightening.
Always making easy fornus

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