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Worried about wearing contact lenses because you’ve heard some myths about them ?

You should know contact lenses are, safe and comfortable for your eyes, and those horror-like scenarios we’ve all heard are extremely rare. Such cases are almost always caused by inappropriate lens care or by bad practices.

Therefore you shouldn’t be worried about using them, in this first part of our series we will be debunking 5 common myths we know you must have heard about contact lenses.

    Contact lenses can melt in my eyes : this myth can be likened to an urban legend , most people think they have to take out their lenses before attending a barbecue party , or remove them on an extremely hot day. This is just a myth, unless you set your lenses on fire they cannot melt. Contact lenses are made of hydrogel and the melting point is not even close to the normal body temperature.
  • Contact lenses can worsen your vision : this can’t happen because the eye typically goes through some physical changes as you age. These changes can affect your vision with or without the use of lenses.
  • Contact lenses can get stuck behind my eye : this is one of the most common and popular myths ever said about lenses. You must have heard about the story of the boy who’s lenses got lost and were never found- well that too was also a myth. The contact lens can only go as far as the crease in the conjunctiva under the upper eyelids, and it cannot go behind your eye. In addition did you know – The membrane known as the conjunctiva folds at the back of the eyelids and creates an outer covering of the eyeball, making it impossible for any foreign particle to fall behind the eye.
  • Contact lenses can cause blindness: just like point 2 contacts themselves are very harmless, however they require great care and proper hygiene principles followed, when this care isn’t given or your lenses are not properly taken care of the chances of an eye infection that could lead to blindness becomes high
  • Contact lenses will fall out of my eye: this may not be an old myth as it was true with the hard lenses used predominantly in the past-did have an annoying habit of falling out on occasion, however with the invention of soft lenses, this is no longer the case. Modern lenses sit comfortably on the surface of the eye and rarely fall out. If this happens someone has rubbed their eye far too hard. It’s unusual for a contact lenses to miraculously dislodge from someone’s eye.

With these few points of mine I hope all myths have been debunked and if you are convinced about trying them out you can order a pair from our site : www.cheriesoptics.com


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